Market for Smart Arbitration Services Growing Exponentially

Jun 11, 2018 News, Videos


This interview with PrepayWay co-founder Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert was held on April 18, during the two-day Blockchain Expo Global, a conference and exhibition event in London, UK, where PrepayWay presented its smart mediation and arbitration services and also looked for opportunities to establish connections with companies that offer complimentary services for mutually beneficial partnerships.

“There are thousands of companies working with and offering smart contracts on the Blockchain. We are the only company that offers dispute settlement services specifically for these blockchain-based contracts,” says Prof. Dr. Emmert.

According to Prof. Dr. Emmert, the market for smart mediation and arbitration services is growing exponentially as more and more transactions are moving to the blockchain. PrepayWay offers its services to consumers and businesses alike, for lawyers and intermediaries across multiple industries, even banks. The additional perk is the fact that Smart Arb services would be cost-effective even for small transactions.

In the closing part of the interview, Prof. Dr. Emmert answered the reporter’s questions about how to come to Smart Arb for mediation services either by inserting Smart Arb model mediation clause in new contracts or by just turning to Smart Arb Institute, provided that both parties agree to use its services.

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Antonio Gurei

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