PrepayWay Co-founder to Speak at REIDA Event in Zurich

Aug 15, 2018 Events PrepayWay Co-founder to Speak at REIDA Event in Zurich

We are glad to announce that Mihnea Constantinescu, PrepayWay co-founder, will be presenting at the upcoming REIDA event on August 29.

REIDA (Real Estate Investment Data Association) is one of the leading Swiss real estate data providers. The association has been set up to aggregate individual data points from its members and offers access to the comprehensive database to both members and non-members. Its unique governance model allows interested parties to either access the raw data directly or use their own proprietary statistical models with REIDA input. With both transaction and rental data across all Switzerland, REIDA is a premier source of market insights. Its yearly event draws around 300 attendees interested in the latest on data analytics.

Join us at Technopark Zurich to learn how blockchains are changing the real estate industry. If you wish to attend, registration is necessary at

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Antonio Gurei

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