The Blockchain Sky Meetup in Tallinn Was a Huge Success!

Sep 03, 2018 Events The Blockchain Sky Meetup in Tallinn Was a Huge Success!

The Blockchain Sky Meetup in Tallinn was the fruit of cooperation between PrepayWay and Modash. The goal of the free event was to provide the local community with basic understanding of the hottest current technology trends – blockchain and smart contracts.

Blockchain Sky was held at Lift99, one of the coolest co-working hubs in Estonia, where professionals from different disciplines are developing awesome projects.


The event opened with a presentation by Avery Schrader, CEO of Modash, which explained the principles of blockchain technology in very simple terms so that even non-tech people could understand it.

Once the basics have been established, Nikolai Kalinin, the PrepayWay co-founder, delved deeper and examined smart contracts and ways they can improve the world, using real-world scenarios.

Pitch session

After Nikolai and Avery finished their presentations and answered all the questions, the attendees had a chance to present their ideas in 45 seconds during a pitch session. Creativity was flowing freely, and that night many awesome ideas were born.

Panel discussion

During the panel discussion Nikolai Kalinin, PrepayWay CEO and co-founder, James Oates, CEO of Bailsman, and Wajid Khilji, CTO of LEXIT, engaged the audience and used a couple of insightful questions to spark a great discussion that centered on some of the blockchain opportunities and challenges and legal issues and regulations.

Thank you all!

The Meetup was a huge success drawing over 100 attendees to the compact co-working hub! We would like to thank both the participants and the organizers – all who made this awesome event possible! There’s more to come so stay tuned!

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Antonio Gurei

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